Foundation of St. Volodymyr,
Baptizer of Kievan Rus’

Kraków, Poland,
tel./fax (12) 421-92-94

Банківський рахунок: 78124046501111000051593449

The Ukrainian Center of Education and Culture located at the Foundation of St. Volodymyr is not located in old Cracow by coincidence. Here in this city at the Wawel Castle lived and prayed princes of Kievan Rus’, in the XV century worked S. Fiol, the first person in the world to print Cyrillic church books. Cracow has other interesting historic figures – J. Kotermak (XV century) and the XX century great figures such as I. Zilynski, B. Lepkyj, I. Trusz, M. Bojczuk, A. Nowakiwski, L. Getz, J. Nowosilsky, T. Wenhrynowicz.
The founders and patrons of the Center are people who were exiled from their homes, and kept the flame of faith alive through an entire century.
Foundation of St. Volodymyr, Baptizer of Kievan Rus’ was established in by Cracow by its founder Włodzimierz Mokry and registered in Ministry of Culture and Art and June 1989.
The aim of the foundation is sustaining and developing Ukrainian science and culture and also making efforts for Polish and Ukrainian close-up.



Information about activities
of St. Volodymyr, Baptizer of Kievan Rus’
in Cracow 1989-2012

Scientific activity

1. Since 1992 has been publishing jointly with Jagiellonian University “Krakowskie Zeszyty Ukrainoznawcze”. Until now three double volumes, have been published 500 pages each. Every volumen of “Krakowskie Zeszyty Ukrainoznawcze” consists of authors articles, and materials from international conferences which were organised by Foundation and UJ: “Ukrainian political thoughts of the XX century” (may 1990); “Aspirations for an Independent Ukraine in the XX century” (may 1991); “Conference devoted to scientific activity of prof. Jan Janów” (1992); Bohdan Łepki (1991); Jan Kozik (1995), “John Paul II about christian East” the 15th anniversavy of pontificate of Pope-Slav (1993); “Kyjew-Brest-Rome. Union tendencies and their cultural and religious consequences before and after 1596” (1996)

2. During “Ukrainian scientific Thursdays” scientists from Poland, Ukraine and other countries have been making lectures about Ukrainian history, culture, literature and Polish-Ukrainian relations the XI-XX century. Materials from these meetings were published in “Krakowskie Zeszyty Ukrainoznawcze” and in an almanac entitled “Between Neighbors” which also gives information on Ukrainian enterprise through education and culture; it has appeared since 1991 and is sponsored by Ministry of Culture and Art.

3. Magazine “Horyzonty Krakowskie” which propagates culture and spirit of the national minorities has been edited since 1995.

4. Folders and albums, bilingual in Polish and Ukrainian, are published on an occasion of every exhibition of the Ukrainian painting, work of graphic arts and sculpture in the only Polish Gallery of Ukrainian Art.

5. Icons and whole iconostasis are renovated in the Center of Icon Restoring. Works connected with renovating iconostasis from Cewkiw church near Lubacziw (partly sponsored by Culture Foundation) are almost finished. The restoring of the XVII century iconostasis from Gorajec (Przemysl diocese) has started lately.

Cultural activity

1. In Gallery of Ukrainian Art. which has been working since June 1992, about 40 exhibitions of Ukrainian painting, works of graphic arts, sculpture, artistic photography and applied art seen by 45 thousand
people were organised.

2. The Ukrainian scientific and cultural Center in Cracow is co-organisator of Students Ukrainian Culture Days in Jagiellonian University that is organised for Students of Cracovian Ukrainian Philology and Students from Ukraine and other countries.

3. The Foundation has library and its collection contains 9 thousand volumes which very often aren’t available even at Jagiellonian Library.

4. There is also a student club “Wernyhora” in the Foundation

5. The Ukrainian bookshop offers Ukrainian books that can be also bought by mail-order.

6. Restaurant and caffe “The Ukrainian Taste” has been opened lately.

7. The spirit of the Foundation everyone can find in the first martyrs of Kievan Rus’ St. St. Borys and Gleb (they were the patron’s sons of the Foundation of St. Volodymyr, Baptizer) chapel, which was designed by prof. Jerzy Nowosielski.